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I hear ya. I feel ya.
But I gotchu!

you started your business but

+ you can’t seem to reach your ideal client
+ you can’t maintain consistency on all platforms
+ your current brand doesn’t reflect your values
+ you’re tired of DIYing and getting nowhere

minnesota brand designer full bloom creative

Suu here!

I’m so happy you are here! Before you jump on this bus with me, you should know:

  • I love Norbert, my college sweetheart, cookie dough, trying new foods, movies and tea.

  • I can’t decide if Spring or Fall is my favorite season, oops!

  • Dry shampoo is da bomb and I live in comfy clothes (I’d wear leggings and an oversized shirt all day everyday if I could!)

  • On an average day, you’ll find me working my 8-5, working out, meal prepping then designing what means the most to you!

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